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If there is away to help you get back in the air, our medical staff will see to it that you keep flying.

Delta Air Lines Pilots seeking to return to active flight status who have been out on medical leave:

  • for four or more months, and/or
  • have received a Special Issuance Authorization (“waiver”) or Statement of Demonstrated Ability (SODA) from the FAA Office of Aerospace Medicine

Must provide to Dr. Thomas Faulkner, at a minimum, the following documentation for consideration to return to work:

  • Copy of current and valid FAA First Class Medical certificate,
  • Special Issuance Authorization (SIA) letter or SODA with all pages and attachments,
  • Summary letter or office note from the treating physician(s) that provides: diagnosis, treatment summary, and date of full release without restrictions. A cover letter from the Aviation Medical Examiner of record or the ALPA Aeromedical advisory group that provides this information will be an acceptable substitute,
  • Delta employee number,
  • Active telephone number.

This documentation can be faxed to: 678.228.1817 or scanned and emailed to: rtw@drtomfaulknerame.com.

Questions or Require Additional Documentation

Should Dr. Thomas Faulkner have questions or require additional documentation, someone from our office will contact you. Otherwise, a memo recommending your return to active flight status will be sent to the Delta Chief Pilot Support Center (CPSC) who will contact the Pilot within one business day.
Your Efforts have Helped Me Maintain My Livihood
I appreciate all that you have done for me the last five years. Your efforts have helped me maintain my livelihood and I will be forever grateful. I wish you the best going forward. If there is ever anything you need (reference, etc.) let me know, I will be glad to help out.
Charles K.
Maintaining My Sanity
Thank You Dr. Faulkner, you are helping me maintain my sanity while dealing with all this!
Vince M.