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Thomas B. Faulkner, MD, MHA
Thomas B. Faulkner, MD, MHASenior AME

Dr. Tom “DOC” Faulkner, MD, MHA

Dr. Thomas Faulkner “DOC” is a physician with 20 years of experience in aerospace, occupational and preventive medicine. He is certified as a Senior FAA Aviation Medical Examiner and a HIMS Medical Sponsor. Professionally, he is board certified in Aerospace Medicine, Family Medicine and Occupational Medicine with added qualifications in Sports Medicine. Dr. Faulkner, “Tom”, became a Naval Flight Surgeon in 1994 and is presently serving as the Flight Surgeon for VR-56 in Oceana, VA.

Dr. Faulkner served as a Medical Director for Emory Aviation Medicine program. Dr. Faulkner was recruited from Emory to serve as a Medical Director for Delta Airlines. In 2005 he created Medical Direction, LLC to provide Aeromedical Support to Delta Airlines and Cape Air. Since the founding of Medical Direction he has assisted pilots in regaining their medical certification for FedEx, United Airlines, UsAirways, AirTran/Southwest, Express Jets and Atlas/Polar.

Dr. Thomas Faulkner attended the Chicago Medical School and completed his residency in Family Medicine in Peoria Il. After two years practicing Family Medicine, he completed his fellowship in Occupational Medicine at Duke University. Concurrently, he received a Masters of Health Administration from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


  • Board Certified in Aerospace Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Addiction Medicine and Family Practice
  • Board of Examiner Corporate Health Achievement Award
  • Certificate in Travel Heath from the International Society of Travel Medicine
  • Certified Physician Executive
  • Diplomat American Board of Family Practice with Added Qualifications in Sports Medicine
  • Fellow of Aerospace Medical Association
  • Fellow of American College of Preventive Medicine
  • Medical Review Officer Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Master of Healthcare Administration – UNC Chapel Hill