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The FAA has determined that as of October 2012 all Airman Medical Exams (FAA Form 8500) must be completed on-line. Please see our useful links to complete your portion of the 8500. Make sure to note the confirmation number given to you for your exam and bring it with you for your appointment. Should you not be able to provide the information before your appointment we have a computer in the waiting area for you to enter your exam information. If you use reading glasses, please remember to bring them. If you have a “waiver”, please bring all documentation requested by the FAA to the exam with you.

First Class Medical (FCM) Requirements at this time are as follows

  • For Pilots under age 40, the FCM lasts for 12 months and then lapses into a second class.
  • Any FCM exams done after age 40 last for only 6 months before they lapse into a second class.


  • The FAA requires that First Class Pilots must get a baseline EKG when they turn 35 years old.
  • No EKG’s are required between age 35 and 40.
  • All Pilots holding a FCM after age 40 must get and EKG once a year.

FAA Flight Physical Completion Notice

As of October 1, 2012 the FAA requires all flight physicals to be completed on-line using MedXpress. Use the link below to enter the front page of the form. Once the Airman has completed and submitted their portion the exam, they will need to provide Dr. Faulkner with the confirmation number provided them by MedXpress.